These days, all you need to start your wellbeing journey, is a well-judged screen-swipe.


This app has initially started by focusing on runners but now is targeting sportspeople in general, both amateurs and professionals. This app is designed more specifically for trail runners, marathon runners, park joggers and other people who run outside, or perhaps on an indoor track. That’s because the main Runtastic app tracks your running workout using your mobile device’s GPS. Runtastic is many things, but it’s primarily a fitness social network that tracks your workouts and allows to share them with friends and family via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc. You can also set your yearly running goal, you can join a group and run with groups. For these who want to push harder themselves, they can view real-time details of their activity and manage tracking settings directly on their Apple Watch.

Daily Yoga

Yoga is one of those activities anyone can do pretty much anywhere, and that’s especially true when you have an app on your smartphone. Dubbed Netflix for yoga, it offers hundreds of classes plans and asanas on the Daily Yoga app. Step-by-step instructions guide you through every movement, and you will also learn how to safely master challenging poses. Its like the yoga, meditation and mindfulness heaven for all levels. Whether you are looking for an energizing flow or something more restorative in your candle-lit living room, the app gives you unlimited access to individual classes and challenges. There is also a community board that you can take part in if you need accountability or add your real-life friends and begin a group together. And now you know: you have no excuses to not exercise since it goes with you everywhere your phone does.


Who says that eco-living cannot be a part of your everyday life? With iHuerting you can now build your own urban garden from scratch. Little by little you can become an urban farmer when planting in your own terrace, patio or small piece of land. This revolutionary app can help you also to take care of your garden in an intuitive, simple and fun way. Let your smartphone remind you when to water, fertilize and take care of your plants. And if pests and other diseases in your plants is the first thing that comes to your mind when creating your own garden, this app has got you covered as it includes an easy guide which will help you to identify problems and recommend organic solutions. At your fingertips you will also find directly in the app a selection of delicious recipes from the farm easy to prepare and enjoy.


The natural beauty industry is on the rise. More and more women turn to 100% natural cosmetics that have natural ingredients featuring nature’s best products. Like the beneficial organic olive oil, a key ingredient of Euthalia’s products. However, sometimes when you feel that you have put in your beauty routine products that you don’t feel really sure about their effects, you have to use the Good Guide as it provides information on over 75.000 consumer products and their social, biological and ecological effects. It combines “manufacturer-provided information about product ingredients” with “authoritative information on the health effect of chemicals”, so you know exactly which chemicals are meeting your body. It’s trustworthy information, too, as it was developed by a team of product and chemical information experts over the course of 10 years. Scientists of the GoodGuide analyze each product based on its composition. For over 10 years, they have guided millions of people to healthier choices.

Happy Not Perfect

The mission of Happy Not Perfect application is one: less stress, better sleep, and a calmer mind. Studies show that 80% of our everyday actions are run by our subconscious. This app is more like an interactive mindfulness game. Created by psychotherapists, neuroscientists, medical doctors, yoga instructors and breathing experts, this gives you interactive tools to create your own rituals to relax and find an optimistic perspective. It’s easy to navigate and as soon as you start using it, app asks you to do things like draw pictures, play games and write “grateful” entries which you can set as reminders on your phone.