Customer Service
How to Order
1. By making an order, you agree to buy a product in accordance with the following terms and conditions. Normally we deliver only products within the European Union member states. For deliveries outside the European Union can apply product desire by contacting our Customer Service Department via the section Contact Us, having previously selected as the country of residence “Other countries” and judged by our special process that the product delivery possible, will confirm the approval of your order and shipment of the product. Also if you live in a country outside the European Union and wish delivery in a country within the European Union, choosing as the country of residence “Other countries”, you can place an order properly. Specifically, deliveries outside the European Union will be examined in a separate procedure to be adopted or rejected, and our customers will be informed of the acceptance or rejection of the order request within six working days by e-mail (e-mail). Note that the automated message on the screen with the details of the order request to be taken by our company, not an acceptance of your order, but is taken without prejudice to the above procedure, and if this acceptance will take order confirmation by the above which will include data for checkout by paying the payment.

Depending on the laws of each country outside the European Union, there may be restrictions on the sale of certain products or the sale of certain products may not be allowed at all. You will be notified if such a problem occurs.

2. In order to better and more complete service you and facilitate your future purchases in your first purchase you register as a user of Euthalia and / or Barbatus filling in all your personal information that you requested in the corresponding registration form. Then, each time after the completion of your purchase, fill in all the details of your request to order that appear on the order form. The set of data that is sent to our company only handled by authorized personnel of the company and within our Privacy Policy kept our company and collected and processed safely and carefully and only after your express consent given by sending the above form. In any case each time you send a request to order in our company must first have accepted these Terms and Conditions.

3.The orders may be sent 24 hours a day and seven days a week. For this reason and in order to complete information, and your greatest protection from unforeseen events, orders are completed as follows:

4. i) Upon completion of your order request shows your total cumulative order that includes all its parameters. Since then proceed to finalizing your order, log on to the third payment service provider to complete the repayment of the agreed price under the terms of the next paragraph (ii) below. Upon successful completion of the payment of the payment you receive an automated order confirmation message, sent you the e-mail address (e-mail) you provide us. If your order payment option on delivery (cash on delivery only within Greece), you will receive the order confirmation on the basis of which will be delivered you proionta.Se case selection “bank deposit” of order not runs until credited to the bank account of the company.
ii) The Company for the greatest assurance of transactions may (but is not obligated) to carry out control by means of cooperating with that payment service providers as to the correctness of payment details you send us (in the case of payment by credit card or through third on line payment service provider) at the stage of completion of your order and the connection with the third party payment service provider may reject your order if it is found or there is the possibility that there is any problem with respect to these items.

5. i) Then, your order goes in the process of collection for processing and will be sent to your e-mail (e-mail) when the products are launched for their dispatch to the delivery address (or in the case of multiple deliveries to addresses delivery) you entered.
ii) If for any reason it is found that there is an unexpected lack of a / s of the products that you put in the order and / or a product will be available after that shown in our online shop delivery time or no problem in relation to products included in your request, the Company will make every effort to contact you either by email to the email address (e-mail) you fail either by direct telephone contact with you (or all of the above ways) to consult with you for any modification, correction or cancellation of your order. Unless enable communication with you for a period of 7 calendar days then your order will be executed at the place availability and will be revoked for the remainder. In any case, any modification of your order will be sent to you again with a new message in the e-mail address (e-mail) that we’ve declared while the message it will be and the confirmation of your order under which and the order is executed your.

6. Noted that the delivery time may vary depending on product availability. Delivery times are subject to delays due to delays by the courier companies or force majeure, which is not our responsibility. Within the European Union, delivery is usually within 5-10 working days after confirmation of shipment. For further information, read the article 8 for our Paradosistis company policy.

7. To make a transaction in web site you must be over 18 years old. Guests under 18 are not allowed to share with us any data and information. When you place an order to us they will be presumed to be true and that data:
You warrant that all information you provide is true and accurate, that you are an authorized user of the credit or debit card you used to place your order and there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of products. In any case, the Company reserves the right to carry out the checks referred to in Article 4. ii) above, and of course not responsible for any inaccuracies in the information you have provided us at any stage.

8. Keep in mind that because of the nature of our products, which are mostly products which are liable to deteriorate or susceptible and therefore sensitive products, is the customer’s responsibility to comply with the information provided on the product packaging or in our website. Also the customer bears the responsibility for the products they are delivered to the carrier. Similarly, due to the nature of the products, we do not assume responsibility if the product is not received by the client in the case of payment on delivery receipt from our distribution space during the day delivered from his own fault, ie the first delivery attempt. The Euthalia reserves the right at any time to change the specifications listed on the website in connection with any product without prior notice.

9. i) All products are available only for personal use and not for resale, except in the case of professionals (traders / B2B customer) who will first need to have contact with the company and have gotten the explicit and our written permission. In case of violation of the above expressly formulated apagorefseon Euthalia the company maintains in full if all the urban justiciable rights.

10. When you make an order, you will receive an e-mail message (e-mail) which will confirm that we have received and accepted your order. The product purchase contract will be drawn up only after approval for your payment and charged on credit / debit card or your PayPal account or credit the account of with bank deposit. In case of cash on delivery or payment in cash, products delivered with retention of title (the delivery is only valid for deliveries within Elladas.Se case “bank deposit” of order is not executed until credited to the bank account of the company . note that cash on delivery is only in euros. also if your order includes the market’s Gift, not possible to pay on delivery or cash.

11. During the course of the execution of your order you will receive a series of automated email messages (e-mail), which will indicate the progress of your order.

I2. These messages relate to the following steps:

a) Order Confirmation: as provided for in Article 4 and 5 above

b) Order Processing: When ordering the products were collected and are underway for sending in your area who will be accompanied by the delivery note

c) Receipt of customer: Your order has been delivered to the address specified. Including receipt / invoice.

d) Outstanding Order: If a / s of your order products not collected and is left as pending will contact you on.

e) Cancelled: If your order has been canceled for the reasons stated in these Terms

13. Also in case that there any pending or problem when processing your order, then you will receive a corresponding e-mail message (e-mail) and / or contact you by phone that you provided during registration or registration the order on our website.

14. By sending a request to order you consent to receiving the above notification, which is a prerequisite for the proper development of your order. These e-mail messages (e-mail) your call to make sure they can reach you and keep them throughout the course of our transaction. It is your obligation, should not receive the relevant email messages (e-mail), to contact our Customer Service Department via the section Contact Us. The parties agree and accept that the described communication and the pattern of it (via email (e-mail) or telephone) covers the legal requirements your written informed, we communicated, your order confirmation, where and when the law the It requires. If you wish to express objections, or provide clarification on any email message content (e-mail) you received as above, or for any other reason you can contact the Support Our Customer through unity Contact us.

15. If your order with your initiative calling you on call to Customer Service you accept the following:
j) your calls as inform you at the start of our phone conversation, recorded for security reasons but also for reasons serving the correct execution of your orders. Expressly stated in the statement of the number of your credit card, or any other item of your financial recording data is stopped by a special application that handles our responsible employee.
ii) The payment of your order may be made either by credit card or by bank transfer or cash on delivery only within Greece
iii) If it is possible by the user are sent to this e-mail (e-mail) referred to the electronic address (e-mail) to be declared on our competent employee. Otherwise, the user accepts that the confirmation of the order that will be recorded in the telephone conversation is full proof of the total order and this price and that it meets the terms and conditions of your written informed, we communicated, your order confirmation, where and when law requires it. In case of any problem of your order execution at any time and if it happens we will contact you by phone you have registered us.
iv) In all other instances in order telephone everyone these Terms and Conditions.

Payment Methods

1. In order to better and optimum service, our company has a payment method selection of products you are interested to buy. In this context, giving the possibility to choose, as mentioned below, payment of the products you are interested to buy, namely a) by credit card, b) through a third partner on line payment provider such as PayPal,
c) only delivery within Greece noted that there is no possibility of combining different methods of payment for an order.

2. In particular, we accept payments by cards VISA, VISA Debit, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, with PayPal, and Gift Cards Euthalia and / or Barbatus. By cash but ONLY inside Greece. It is clarified that we do not accept checks as payment for purchases.

3. If you select a payment method to credit card process will take place and be completed through our trusted partner banking institution that provides all the safety guarantees of electronic transactions. The collection and processing of payment information that you send us are taken only by the partner financial institutions who are solely responsible for their treatment to complete the payment.

4. If you choose to pay by credit card appropriate esti to be present at the reception of your order with your credit card or your identity. If the order is carried out and data for a company then the credit card used to be corporate. That has been the information the respective company. Also according to tradition esti appropriate to present the authorized holder of the credit card and identity. If, however, occur before the distributor to the delivery address you have registered, a person stated that acting in the name and on your behalf at your relative oral debit authorization, then reasonably deemed by the distributor to act in that capacity.

5. If paying through PayPal agree and accept that you are subject to the terms and conditions for the operation of this on line payment provider especially since contracted with him when you register as a member. Our company does not responsible for the policies and operation of PayPal. If money refunded by a third party payment provider agent (eg as PayPal or credit cards) may be charged with any commission that will charge the particular third party provider under the conditions of use and operation, for which no responsibility our company .

6. Payment on receipt of the order at your site – PayPal applies only within Greece

7. In accordance with current tax regulations, documents of value exceeding € 500 to individuals (Proof Retail) and to professional / business (Sales Invoice) will be paid ONLY in the following ways:

Charge for credit or debit card
Payment via PayPal
Bank deposit

8. Discount coupons, promotional codes, special offers

At times, we may offer promotions or discount coupons which will apply to certain purchases made through this Web site. Discount coupons codes promotions and special offers can not be combined with a Gift Card, or used to purchase gift card usage conditions of any coupon or promotion code will be identified at the issue time and will clearly indicate their expiry date . Additionally apply Service Free shipping per event promotion, and is not applicable in all cases. In addition, we create special offers, which will be valid only when used individually .. also reserve the right to withdraw an offer at any time, a coupon or a promotion code, due to limited availability in stock and any other apparent reason, or replace the product of an offer with a similar product from storage, where possible.