5 best anti-aging ways for summer!

Who wants to age in today’s age and world? If you are as obsessed with skincare as we are, read the following article as we have put together five of the best natural ways to implement antiaging onto your skin. There are a lot of things you can do to age gracefully and things you can do to preserve your look, to maintain the way you look. You had probably seen your mother or grandmother aging and you want to know what you can do. So, these are the easiest tips you can add into your everyday life.


In spring and summer, you are going to be frolicking outside more and taking some trips to the sea or pool, whichever suits better depending on how busy you are. This means a lot more time in the sun, which can lead to the emergence of wrinkles. The time you spend at the sun is number one thing that’s going to speed up the process of aging on your skin. To protect your skin from UV exposure during the summer months, incorporate a SPF and an anti-aging cream into your daily routine. One of the recommended summer essentials is Euthalia’s Hydrating Suntan Oil which moisturizes dry and irritated from the sun skin while the mixture of olive, coconut and sesame oils offer a deep natural tan. For amazing and obvious results even from the very first days, you can combine it with Euthalia’s Cictus Cold Cream which due to the high level of Vitamin P that its basic ingredient Rockrose/ Cistus has, can protect against the harmful effects of solar radiation to the skin.


During the summer months, your skin and your body crave even more hydration than usual. Keep a bottle of fresh filtered water to sip from and refill throughout the day. Water cleanses your system, plumps up your skin cells and helps keep your skin moist and fresh.

One of the most effective antiaging ways is to keep – during this hot season – drinking your antioxidants. You can relax with a glass of green tea which is a magic elixir as it contains epigallocatechin gallate, also known as epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), which works to protect your skin from the sun’s damage from the inside out. A cold glass of green tea is a great and refreshing way to recharge on a busy summer day.

Another way to pause aging is by boosting collagen, and you can achieve this by choosing to consume fruits or foods high in vitamin C. Also, there are several foods that can help you boost collagen production and different things you can include in your diet so a lot of plant-based foods like broccoli, aloe vera, chlorella and spirulina are also great for this. You can add spirulina even to smoothies, it’s also a great source of protein

Own your skin. If you look in the mirror every day and you sit there and knit pick at every little thing that’s wrong with your skin, you are only going to be focusing on that and your skin is going to reflect. When you sit and look at all the beautiful things in your face and you focus on what you do like about yourself you will gain more self-confidence you will be able to see it flourished and poke through your skin and you will radiate beauty from within.