Many women are concerned about skin and hair changes with menopause. The skin is actually your largest organ of your body and when you go into menopause, if you lose a significant amount of estrogen which at least half of women do, that can really affect your skin and make it thinner and more delicate and lose some of the collagen support. Also there can be hair thinning that could accelerate part of it maybe when you lose estrogen there can be excess of hair shedding. There are several effects of your changing hormones when you reach menopause. There are three main changes that happen with the skin: the first is that the skin thins so you lose something like 30% of your collagen in the first five years of menopause. So thin skin means more pronounced wrinkling. The second thing is that you lose elasticity so the skin becomes slacker that leads to sagging. The final thing is that skin becomes drier. It’s harder to hang on to water, so skin becomes more sensitive and it can even lead to the development of eczema. Generally speaking, menopause has a profound impact on the health and appearance of the skin.

The skin and hair basic care becomes even more important as you get older and the skin gets thinner. Therefore, it’s essential to have a good regular skincare regimen.

  1. Some of the things that women can do for basic skin and hair care is to keep the nutrition excellent getting enough of the vital nutrients from vitamin C, vitamin D, iron, zinc is very important.
  2. A gentle cleanser that doesn’t deplete your barrier, doesn’t leave you dry and tight and you want to stay away from irritants like fragrance. It’s very important to have the right cleanser with the right PH; usually we prefer liquid cleansers as opposed to bar soaps. As you get older you may notice that your skin is much more sensitive, perfumes, detergents, substances make up things that previously did not irritate or bother your skin, and you now may be much more sensitive. You can try Euthalia Gentle Hydrating Cleanser MakeUp Remover & Moisturizer with olive oil and cistus ladaniferus essential oil. It removes makeup and dirt, cleaning the skin deeply, while hydrating and protecting it from irritations.
  3. As the skin gets older it doesn’t shed as easily, so it’s very important to exfoliate. Try Euthalia’s Brightening exfoliating balsam, an exfoliating balsam with a soft and active mixture of olive oil, olive stone and Cistus ladaniferus essential oil.
  4. You want also to stimulate collagen production, so you will need some sort of supportive moisturizer. It’s also very important to moisturize as one gets older. Especially when you are in colder climates. There’s a number of good, non-irritating oils that can be helpful to put on your skin. One of them, Euthalia’s Multipurpose Dry Oil can help you.  Our MultiPurpose Dry Oil, is a valuable combination of fine vegetable oils, rich in vitamins and essential nutrients that penetrate the epidermis.
    5.       It’s also critical that you protect your skin daily, 365 day a year you should use a sun protectant against UVA and UVB light. These also function as an illuminizer to the skin. Hydrating Suntan Oil can give you the extra boost you want for these conditions. Moisturizing body oil for a natural sun protection. The mixture of olive, coconut and sesame oils, offer a deep natural tan, while refreshes, tones and moisturizes dry and irritated, from the sun, skin.